Forward Thrust's "Underwater" is a 2 disc set of a variety of original, thought provoking material. With 22 songs total, the topics vary from historical to current events and make believe fantasies.

Both Gail and Kenny handled the vocals for the recording of this CD, while Kenny played every instrument (except drums). Drummer Ron Clark, of Binghamton, NY, joined them for 20 of the tunes and Bob Relyea, of Allentown, PA, played trumpet for "The Hands of Time" and "Soul-less Clones".

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Forward Thrust Heads Into 27th Year of Performing

January 12 2012

A tribute to Forward Thrust and a preview of their upcoming album "Strings Attached".

"The group's vocal strength takes center stage immediately with the opening track of Underwater."

-Press and Sun Bulletin

"The regional husband-and-wife duo turned in an outstanding, albeit eclectic, double disc...and they kick!"

-Standard Speaker

"Gail Gilchrist is the first strong part about the band. The second is Kenny Gilchrist's guitar work."

-Pulse Weekly

"An eccentric act willing to take a shot at doing just about anything, and pretty adept at most anything...great!"

-Standard Speaker

"Gail's angelic and sexy voice teamed up with the talented Kenny, can even make a dirty limerick sound erotic."

-Music Scene Monthly

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Forward Thrust has a long list of cover songs that they play at live shows. Download a partial list of songs to see all your favorites.