About Us

Kenny Gilchrist first picked up the guitar at age 11 and hasn't stopped playing since. He graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in music theory and loves composing.

During live shows Kenny plays guitar, including resonator and slide; mandolin, tenor & soprano saxes, and harmonica; while in the studio he also plays keyboard, alto & baritone saxes, accordian, lap steel, clarinet, trumpet, valve trombone, mellophone, flute, piccolo, melodica, drums, and assorted percussion. He brings energy and complexity to both the stage and the studio.

Email: Kenny@ForwardThrustDuo.com

Gail spent her youth singing in the school, county and church choirs. During those years she developed a voice that ranges from soothing and serene to bold and bluesy.

In addition to vocals, Gail plays keyboard, bass guitar, harmonica and percussion instruments during live shows. When she's not performing, Gail is busy recording new material and growing the Forward Thrust fan base. She brings both direction and imagination to the duo.

Email: Gail@ForwardThrustDuo.com

Kenny Gilchrist decided to form a band in 1985. He was a master guitarist but was missing a vital piece of any band, a lead vocalist. Kenny decided to put an ad in the newspaper and Gail happened to respond. The duo has been performing live and writing original music ever since.

In the early years the two began playing at various nightclubs, hotels and resorts throughout the eastern and midwestern United States. The road experience proved to be quite valuable, ensuring that they become seasoned live performers, as well as giving them time to grow and write together.

The duo has since settled in Allentown, PA where they continue to perform live and work in their studio producing original music. They've released two full length albums to date and have a third in the works. The upcoming release is titled "Strings Attached" and is a two act, 140 minute rock opera.