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  • Gail Gilchrist lead vocals
  • Kenny Gilchrist all instruments
  • Ron Clark drums & percussion


Forward Thrust


Forward Thrust's "Underwater" is a 2 disc set of a variety of original, thought provoking material. With 22 songs total, the topics vary from historical to current events and make believe fantasies.

Both Gail and Kenny handled both the lead and backing vocals for the recording of this CD, while Kenny played every instrument except drums and trumpet. Drummer Ron Clark, of Binghamton, NY, joined them for 20 of the tunes and Bob Relyea, of Allentown, PA, played trumpet for "The Hands of Time" and "Soul-less Clones".

Album photos were taken by Mark Metzinger

Album art created by Michael A. Mumich

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Spinning Tales

Forward Thrust

2010 Reissue

Forward Thrust released "Spinning Tales" in May of 2000, with over 1 hour of exciting, original pop/rock tunes.


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